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2017 Nail Trends to Look Out For

By January 12, 2017 No Comments

Amongst questions our expert nail technicians get asked, the most popular is ‘What are the hottest nail trends?’. With so many of our clients evidently hoping to stand out of the crowd with the most current nail fashions, we’ve put a little something together to help you stay on top of nail fashion in 2017.

Be true to your own nail style
We switched our favoured brand from Shellac nails to O.P.I nails because O.P.I nails are far quicker to put on and remove. So changing your nails to suit your current fashion style has never been easier. The first rule of fashion is to BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what you like best. You never know, the next big trend setter could be you!

Moving into 2017, keep nails short and rounded
With nail shapes, the current trend of shorter nails with a rounded tip seems here to stay for early 2017. The hottest shapes at the moment are an almond shape nail, squared oval shapes, long almond nails or a short nail with a rounded tip. If you aren’t sure which nail shape suits you best, ask your expert nail technician at JUJU’s for some advice.

Winter 2016-2017 saw the revival of gothic nail shades
Throughout the chilly January and February months, the trend of dark and gothic shades is set to continue. Clients are requesting shades of dark plum, deep greys and on some occasions black to give the O.P.I nails a more sinister and daring effect. For those reluctant to commit to such a deep shade, why not request a frosted tip or crystal embellishments to stay in line with current trends and keep the nails light and pretty?

Chrome nails are going to get bigger in 2017
At JUJU’s, our customers have been brightening up the dreary winter nights with futuristic chrome nails. Working brilliantly alongside the current trend of an over-squared nail, chrome nails are the perfect choice for those who prefer an expensive looking, and fashionable hue.

Split nail tips are continuing to offer a versatile look in 2017
With big fashion houses mixing things up on the runways, the alternative French manicure has been a big hit with our clientele. Whilst it hasn’t been the biggest winter trend, it’s proved the perfect option over the party season because the colours are so versatile. For the more fashion conscious, a split manicure is the perfect option for those transitioning between Fall/ Winter and Spring/Summer 2017.

Marble effect nail styles
Coveted by celebrities such as Ariel Winter and Bella Thorne, marbles nails gained momentum in 2016 and this trend is set to continue well into 2017. Pretty and stylish, marble nails are ideal for those who prefer a subtle but more complex nail design.

Simple, but classic nails
Natural colours on a shorter, rounded nail are perfect for those who prefer a more elegant and chic nail style. For Winter/Fall of 2017-2017, shades of taupe and earthy colours adorned the runway. However, those who want to ‘jazz things up’ might want to take a look at our great selection of O.P.I colours for inspiration.

Booking O.P.I nails at JUJU’s Camden beauty salon
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