7 Best Halloween Nail Designs to Celebrate the Spooky Season

By October 23, 2021 No Comments

It’s that time of year again when costumes come out, decorations go up and everyone is in the mood to celebrate all things spooky! And what better way to set off an outfit than with some fabulous Halloween nails? Here are some delightfully ghoulish nail designs to inspire you:

Spider Web Nails

These Halloween nails are perfectly spooky and match great with any outfit. The design is complex, but the web effect looks flawless, especially against a solid colour polish. For a more dressed-up look, you could request a sparkly base coat. The spider web design is an old faithful’ of Halloween costuming, and you’ll have a fantastic manicure to match!

Pumpkin Nails

Orange may not suit everyone, but this adorable nail design will delight any customer. It is fairly simple, but you could have each pumpkin painted with a different expression on each nail. A shiny top coat will make your nails more durable and give the design the signature glow of the Halloween Jack-o’-lantern.

Ghost Nails

This spooky design is perfect for adding a touch of oo!’ to any Halloween outfit. You can request that the ghosts be scary, funny, or even sweet because each can have a different expression. These are the Halloween nails for anyone who likes a simpler, paler manicure.

Bloody Nails

What screams Halloween more than a strategic blood splatter? A bloody nail design can add to your outfit, such as if you are dressing as a dangerous character, but it is also classic. A solid base coat in a pale shade will allow the bloody effect to really stand out.

Witchy Nails

With these, you can combine a variety of different designs. For instance, you could have a cauldron on one nail, a cat on another, and a witch’s hat on a third. There is plenty of room for creativity, and these are the perfect nail art choices for a staple witch’s costume on Halloween night!

Film Character Nails

One of the best things about the spooky season is undeniably the scary films. If you are someone who enjoys a good horror movie, choosing some film character designs for your manicure may be just the choice. You could have ten different characters, each painted on a different nail. This also allows you to have lots of different colours in one manicure.

Nail Stickers

For those who may not want polish painted onto their nails, nail stickers are a great alternative. These also come in a variety of designs and can be flawlessly applied to your nails so that nobody will be able to tell that they’re stickers at all. A sheer top coat can be applied for extra protection and shine.

Book Your Halloween Nails in London

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