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Flawless Lashes Every Single Time

By November 21, 2017 No Comments

One thing our beauticians at JUJU’s beauty salon get asked a lot, is ‘How do you get flawless lashes every single time?’. The truth is, that every person is different. However, there are ways that you can get flawless lashes and make your lashes pop. I took a few minutes to speak to all of our highly trained technicians and asked for their top tips and best kept secrets to flawless lashes.

Play Around with Your Mascara Wand
You don’t need mascara with lash extensions or a lash lift. However, it is possible to create flawless lashes with a few tweaks to your mascara routine. For example, when you remove your mascara brush from the tube, one of our beauticians recommends gently bending the brush so that it sits at a 90-degree angle. You’ll find that the brush is easier to control and reaches the fine hairs on the upper and lower lashes. Another technician pointed out that it was really important to wipe off any excess product and give the mascara wand a wiggle from side to side to prevent clumping.

For extra plump lashes, use an eyeshadow brush to gently sprinkle powder onto your lashes (avoiding your eyes of course!). A coat of mascara over the top of the powder helps to create a fuller look.

Use an Eyelash Curler to Help Create Flawless Lashes
An eyelash curler is a make-up bag staple, but it’s a product that is hideously underused. When used correctly, eyelash curlers create really flawless lashes. However, if used too soon when the mascara is still wet, the lashes can stick to the curlers and fall out or break. According to our technician, the trick to creating flawless lashes with an eyelash curler is to use the curlers after applying mascara, and when the lashes are slightly tacky and not wet.

Try Applying False Lashes at Home to Create Flawless Lashes
Applying false lashes at home is notoriously tricky. You need nerves of steel and a very steady hand to finalise the perfect application. Eyelashes if done correctly can look great. Our technicians recommend that you always conduct a patch test at least 48 hours before application and place the lashes very slightly above your lashes and use a liquid liner to join the two lines together. If your natural lashes are torn off with the false lashes, very little can be done to rectify the problem and you’ll need to wait for them to grow back.

If creating flawless lashes at home seems like a little too much hard work, why not call in at your local beauty salon and inquire about eyelash treatments? At JUJU’s we have a great range of eyelash treatments which are perfect for taking you through the whole of the festive season, without the need for mascara.

Lash Perfect Lash Lift
It goes without saying that our lash technician highly recommends a Lash Perfect Lash Lift for creating effortless and flawless lashes. A lash lift is a procedure in which the natural lash is lifted, styled and tinted so it looks longer, fuller and darker. This treatment lasts until the lashes naturally shed and always creates flawless lashes that need very little maintenance!

Bookings for our London Lash Perfect Lash Lift can be made on our website or by calling our helpful receptionist.

Create Flawless Lashes with Eyelash Extensions
At JUJU’s we have a team of highly skilled eyelash technicians who are ready and waiting to create the ultimate lash. With so many different tastes and styles to cater for, we have an incredible selection of natural looking and fuller lashes. Because we use the best in the business, our combination of trained technicians combined with the best products creates a flawless and natural lash.

How to book a Lash Appointment at Our Camden Beauty Salon
To book a Lash Perfect Lash Lift or eyelash extensions at JUJU’s Beauty Salon, contact our helpful receptionist on 0207 267 87 87 to discuss our special offers and book a consultation.