What Are the Latest Nail Trends in London?

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Who doesn’t love getting their nails done in a modern and creative way? Nail art is a specific type of artwork that includes painting and drawing diverse patterns on your nails. There are distinct techniques of nail art, which can make your nails look stunning, and something that has already gained popularity among women of all ages. Some of the most well-known nail art techniques are painting, drawing with brushes, sponging, taping and digital nail art. The best thing about nail art is that it allows you to experiment with colors, patterns, and the latest trends. If you are looking for professionalism and special attention, you should definitely visit JUJU’s luxury beauty salon. In this way, you can become more familiar with nail art, escape from stress, and really pamper yourself!

What Are The Different Types Of Nail Art?

There are many different types of nail art out there, which can make the selection of design difficult. Manicurists can do wonders with their brushes, you just need to tell them your ideas, or show them the ones you have picked from somewhere else. They tend to use sponging to create the popular sponge nails, and make everyone notice you. You can take advantage of the contemporary digital nail art as well. It allows you to choose your design, then place your hand into a machine, and have your nail designs printed in a short time. And it is just mandatory to mention the famous wave nails, which combine something from the best nail trends at this moment. They do not look like straight lines, they are more like geometric waves. 

What Is Used For Nail Art?

All manicurists have their own nail art kit:

  1. Dotting tools are a must as they help to create the dots. 
  2. Specialists use rhinestones because they add glamour to nail art. 
  3. Of course, we should not forget the most important – nail polishes and topcoats. 
  4. Another essential thing for every manicurist is the stamping kit. It normally includes stamp, scraper, and a stamping templet. 
  5. And finally, some manicurists use nail art stickers. They come with adhesive backing, so they can be easily applied to your nail polish when it is dry.

How Do You Apply Nail Art?

There is no doubt one of the best nail art techniques remains painting with a brush. One can use different sizes of brushes and create perfect shapes. If you are looking for gradient and achromatic designs on your nails, you should probably choose sponge bobbing. You can get a sprinkled finish after using a sponge. Usually, manicurists apply a base coat first, and then apply sponge with nail polish. Acetone can be used for the removal of the extra edges. You can also get nail art stickers or stamps. There are various techniques, it simply depends on your ideas and preferences.

Nail art has a special place in today’s society and allows you to truly express your personality and match your outfit. Book your nail appointment at JUJU’s beauty salon today and take your nails to the next level!

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