Are Neutral & Milky Nails the Biggest 2020 Nail Trend?

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Every woman likes to recreate the latest celebrity fashion trends. Lizzo, one of 2019’s biggest stars, has given us something to try with the introduction of milky nails. If you’re ready to recreate that appearance of the neutral nails she wears, JUJU’s is your destination for applying that neutral nail polish and making your nails stand out from others!

What are Milky Nails?

The name says it all! Milky nails are one of the latest, hottest trends in 2019 when it comes to manicure styles. Lizzo brought it to women’s’ attention in 2019, and it seems this nail trend is one that’s working its way into 2020 as well. This cool nail trend is

  • Chic
  • Minimalist
  • Opaque
  • Sheer
  • and fierce! 

To achieve the perfect appearance when trying to recreate neutral nails, there’s only one thing that matters… getting the right colours down! To achieve the perfect milky or neutral effect, the nail polish has to fall between a sheer finish and an off-white (or opaque) shade of white. This will result in the perfect balance with this hot manicure trend. 

The neutral nail polish finish is elegant, highly recognisable, and comes in many shapes and sizes. You can go with different design shapes including:

  • Rounded
  • Jewel
  • Flat 
  • or straight nails

And, you can choose either short or long nail length, based upon how well you take care of your manicured nails.


How Are Milky Nails Applied?

The process begins with the application of an acrylic powder base applied onto your nails before applying the neutral polish. The acrylic base helps increase the shine and vibrancy; it also helps strengthen the topcoat applied to your nails. Once this layer dries, the shiny top layer/coat is applied onto the nail. Depending on how shiny you want the nails to appear, one or more topcoats may be applied to achieve the desired finish. 

The manicurist will work with you and explain how much vibrancy can be achieved with the nail polish being used to apply your milky manicure.

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