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It is always said, “the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but that does not necessarily mean you neglect yourself and expect miracles to transform your looks. As a woman, your beauty starts from your face. Your face is the first thing other people see and judge you on the basis of your looks. That is why facial treatments have gained popularity, starting with the showbiz industry. Ever wondered why those Hollywood celebrities walking the red carpet look flawless, glamorous and angelic? If not, your answer should come from Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI) facial. This beauty therapy has been in existence for over two decades and it seems to be taking facial treatment to a completely different level. That brings you to a million-dollar-question, “What is a CACI facial?”


What is a CACI facial?

CACI facial is a process of enhancing your facial beauty. The system works by stimulating 32 of your facial muscles using a series of electrical pulses. At the onset of the CACI treatment, a therapist uses cotton covered prongs to run over your skin with the aim of manipulating and training the muscles on your face. Every movement is crucial and it targets those muscles that show a tendency of losing the tone with age.

However, the microcurrent toning stage of the facial treatment is also supported by other therapies as well. The entire process, which could take at least 90 minutes per session, includes a gentle microdermabrasion, needle-like wrinkle comb therapy, light therapy, and the silicon facemask.


What are the benefits of CACI facials?

CACI non-surgical facelift has received much praise, including celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez among others. The treatment incorporates the latest generation aesthetic technologies to give you a number of benefits as follows:

As stated earlier, this cutting-edge technology uses micro current to stimulate very tiny impulses that are virtually sub-sensory resulting in a slight sensation of the electrical tingling. These tiny impulses are essential whereby they mirror your body’s bio-electrical field and help in the treatment of your facial palsy leading to facial toning as well as non-surgical face lifting.

The CACI-Ultra ultrasonic peeling helps in pushing your skin impurities to the surface, eradicates bacteria on your skin and dislodges the dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. In other words, this beauty therapy helps in exfoliation and deep cleaning to enable your skin to rejuvenate itself and give you that youthful look.

Through hydration, the silicone gel mask combines with micro current rollers to give your face a gentle massage in a bid to restore tone and the firmness of your facial muscles. Also, the energy generated during the treatment process makes your skin smooth and free of wrinkles.

Through phototherapy-using different light colours for the treatment of mental and physical conditions-certain wavelengths induce the bio stimulatory effect on your body cells. The effect normalises the imbalances and at the same time, treats certain skin conditions.

Other benefits you might get from this non-surgical facelift are:

  • Smooths your skin
  • It gently tightens, tones and lifts your muscles
  • Hydration and firming of your skin
  • Gives a soft and radiant skin
  • Rapid healing and regeneration of your skin


What are the different types of CACI facials?

There are five different types of CACI treatment systems. To begin with, there is what is known as the Classic system which encompasses all the technology associated with what is commonly referred to as the Non-Surgical Face Lift.

Next is the quantum which is responsible for everything that Classic offers with an added bonus of your total body toning experience.

The third type is called the Ultra and it uses a special kind of handset which buzzes at 27,000 vibrations a second. The process is involved with exfoliation and deep cleansing of your skin with the help of four technologies which include; Micro current, hydration, ultrasonic level and LED light therapy.

When it comes to the Ultimate, the above processes are combined with crystal-free microdermabrasion to give you the results that you want. This type of facial treatment has 45 programs for pre-set treatment that target wrinkles, sun damage and acne on your skin.

Finally, there is Synergy, the latest technology breakthrough system which was designed to give you more visible and long-lasting results using simultaneous photo electrical delivery (S.P.E.D).


Do you need a consultation before CACI facial?

Yes, you do need a consultation prior a CACI facial. Before you embark on CACI treatment, you need to receive the consultation to know the kind of results you would wish to receive. During the consultation, you will get advice on which home care products you will need to use thereafter to enhance the effects of CACI facial treatment.


How long does a CACI facial treatment last?

You can take 10 treatments where the CACI machines will be programmed to work on you under different levels starting with a micro-current of 1 to 3 for the initial weeks. Then you will be subjected to another treatment with a level setting of 4 to 7 micro currents. Finally, you will proceed to the most powerful micro current of 8 to 10 when your facial muscles will have been gotten used to different micro currents.

The results will be seen after 5 sessions but that is not enough unless you take 10 or more treatments. In summary, the CACI facial treatment program takes about six weeks for you to get the best results.


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