Staying Safe During COVID-19

Learn More About Our Safety Measures

At JUJU’s we have implemented a strategy that will ensure the health and safety of our employees and clients during COVID-19.

Government guidance still recommends the use of PPE in close contact services after 19th July. At JUJU’s we therefore will be wearing masks in the salon and would ask all clients to respect this decision and wear a mask throughout their visit to the salon. When not in treatment, it will be possible to just wear the visor.

Furthermore, we are taking the following precautions to deter the spread of the virus:

Measures Being Taken by JUJU’s

  1. We are strictly limiting the number of clients to 5 at a time in the salon to follow the social distancing guidelines. Clients may have to queue outside. Please do not bring friends, family, or children if they are not having a treatment.
  2. To avoid disappointment its recommended to book all appointments (including sunbed treatments) in advance online or over the phone. JUJU’s employees will ask to check whether clients have a temperature or a cold. JUJU’s will reschedule appointments for any clients that appear unwell.
  3. JUJU’s employees will be wearing protective shields that cover their entire face alongside protective masks.
  4. JUJU’s employees will use disposable gloves during treatments, which will be changed after every client.
  5. Therapists will be washing their hands after every client and using new disposable gloves. 
  6. Hand gel sanitisers will be available for use in the salon.
  7. Disposable cups will be on offer, with complimentary water, tea or coffee.
  8. Disposable files will be used for nail treatments. These will be charged at cost price.
  9. We have always been proud to be a clean salon since the day we opened. Nonetheless, the salon will be professionally cleaned even more frequently using professional detergents recommended. This will include all tools, surfaces, door handles, the payment point, treatments areas and surfaces including all tables, trolleys and pedicure bowls. 
  10. To respect everyones personal space during a manicure there will be 3 spaces between each client. We may also use treatment rooms for manicures. For pedicures there will be a 1 meter rule. 
  11. Air conditioning in the salon will filter the air from outside. Furthermore, we will also open the salon door every 30/45 minutes to circulate the air.
  12. If employees are exposed to coronavirus or any flu like symptoms they will stay home and self isolate for the recommended period.

Measures Encouraged for Our Clients

  1. Clients are asked not to attend the salon if they feel unwell or have flu-like symptoms.
  2. Clients are asked to attend their appointments with their own safety masks. If no masks are available, JUJU’s will provide disposable masks which will be charged at cost price.
  3. Gloves will be provided upon client request. These will be charged at cost price.
  4. Upon arrival clients will be asked to wash their hands with hot soapy water. Using hand gel sanitiser is not as thorough as washing with soap and water. 
  5. Clients will be expected to pay prior treatment, either online or at the salon. We will be accepting all forms of payment.
  6. Clients are welcome to bring in their own tools for certain treatments. 
  7. Clients will be asked to use a clean tissue if they need to sneeze or cough. 

We will continue to find ways to protect both our small business, employees, clients and community. With this in mind we will continually update our social distancing and cleaning strategies depending on the situation and in line with government guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you back at JUJU’s. We thank you in advance for your continued support and would like to thank all the key workers and especially everyone working the NHS during these tough times.