Pedicures in Camden

Discover the best pedicures in London

Pedicures are a great way to treat and pamper oneself. Our Camden nail technicians will soothe aching feet, apply the nail colour of your choosing and lift your spirits! 

What is a pedicure service?

A pedicure is a form of treatment for the feet, which removes any dead skin, softens the hard skin and shapes and treats the toenails. Pedicure treatments will vary by the type of massage and polish and are the best way of ensuring that you are caring for your feet properly. Here are a few of the benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Pedicures will relax and soothe you. After the pedicurist has massaged various softening points and soothed creams into the feet, you will feel like you are walking on air. 
  • Regular pedicures will support your chiropody if you have foot problems. That will eliminate the need for any further treatment. 
  • Pedicures can also help your posture so that you can walk comfortably on your cared-for feet. 


Our Camden pedicure services

At JUJU’s Beauty Salon in Camden we provide the following services:

Basic pedicure 

With the basic pedicure treatment, the pedicurist will start by soaking your feet in water to help soften any dead skin cells and to soothe the cuticles. They will then clean your toenails, file and clip them. You will then be able to select the length and shape of the toenails before moisturiser is applied to the feet in addition to a massage. The technician will then paint the toenails with your choice of nail polish – the base coat, main coat and the topcoat.

French Pedicure 

The French pedicure is a classic pedicure type that involves the application of longer-lasting varnish, squares off the toenails and whitens the tips. The elegant appearance associated with French Pedicure is ideal for people looking for a neutral but clean appearance. The technician at JUJU’s London pedicure salon will polish your toenails with clear, beige or pink colour and apply white colour on the tips. 

American pedicure 

The American Pedicure is very similar to the French Pedicure but the tips are usually rounded. Whilst French pedicures use vivid white colour for the tips, the American pedicure uses sedate light colours. The result is usually a low-contrast appearance. 

Reverse French pedicure 

The reverse French pedicure service offered at our pedicure salon in London is similar to the French pedicure but the white colour is usually applied to the cuticles of the toenails instead of the tips. The technicians at our Camden salon will apply a neutral colour to the rest of the nail area.

Gel pedicure 

If you need something fancier or long-lasting, the gel pedicure is a perfect choice. Also known as ashellac pedicure, gel pedicure involves the application of a gel that looks more like the standard nail polish and the technician will apply it similarly, but you will hold the nails under UV light between each coat. That cures the gel faster and the toenails will be dry after the application of the third coat. The shellac or gel will last for several weeks without chipping – making your pedicure easier to maintain. 

Luxury pedicure

Luxury pedicure, also known as the whole-foot treatment, involves softened paraffin wax, massage, heated towels or a wrap that soothes and warms the feet in addition to hydrating and softening the nails. 

Paraffin wax pedicure 

If you have excessively dry feet, this treatment will infuse your skin with the paraffin wax. After that, you will not believe how soft and smooth your skin feels. Usually, the technician will follow up the treatment with basic polish job and massage.