Eyebrow Tinting in London

Henna and HD Brows in Camden

If you have brushed, shaped or filled your eyebrows in the past then you are not new to the notion of properly groomed brows and you know the effect they can have. Eyebrow tinting is a long-lasting solution to get your brows looking just the way you want, removing the need for regular makeup touch-ups.


What is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a process that involves the application of semi-permanent dyes on the eyebrows to enhance their appearance, shape and define them. This eyebrow treatment is becoming popular in salons and doctors’ offices. After the tinting, you will get a thicker, more youthful appearance on your brows. What’s more, on average the tinting process takes only 15 minutes!


HD Eyebrows

After choosing HD eyebrows, you will have to book a consultation so that you can choose the eyebrow colour and shape that will complement your skin tone and facial features. After that, the stylist will measure your brows to know the starting point, the middle part, and end. After that, they will tint the whole brow and the surrounding skin to pick up any fair hairs that they can use for your new brow shape. They then wax your brows to form the right shape. 

For the styling to be complete, the stylist has to pluck out any annoying brows if they do not fit into your desired shape, after which they thread all the hairs above your eyebrow onto your forehead. That facilitates the application of the new makeup. They have to use a soothing makeup formula around your eyebrows to remove the redness associated with the initial treatment. 

Finally, brow make-up is applied to define the new shape and to provide a filled-in appearance. The stylist has to take you through the various products they used. Unfortunately, to get the HD eyebrows, you will need a good amount of hair so that the eyebrow appearance can change. People without the hair have to use brow boosters to enhance faster growth of the hair. You have to explain to the stylist that you need a soft natural appearance so that you can avoid snugs. Several sessions might be important for you to get the right appearance. A patch test might also be necessary at least 48 hours before the treatment. 


Henna Eyebrows

Henna body art stains the skin temporarily without committing you to a life-long permanent tattoo. The body art has been around for a long time, most famously being used by ancient Egyptians who dyed everything including the hair, the skin, and their clothing. But today, women have adopted it as a way of enhancing the appearance of their brows. Henna brows should not scare you because they are temporary brow tattoos that result in natural full brows. 

Your beautician will start by waxing, tweezing and tinting the eyebrow with natural plant pigments before using a concealer to shape the brows and to calm the redness. They will add some powder so that you can step out of the salon and go to any place confidently. Your new appearance will look more like a traditional tint and it is, therefore, a good choice for people who love beefed up brows. And because it tints the hair and skin, you will have more definition and shape. 

The biggest benefit of henna eyebrows is that they are a natural alternative to the chemical dyes. It will colour the skin and hair. You can mix it with the dark or light colours if that is necessary. On the downside, henna might not take to all types of hair. 


Difference Between HD Eyebrows and Henna Eyebrow Treatment 

A henna brow differs from the HD eyebrow in that it involves henna pastes and not the regular HD tints. The henna paste is derived from dried leaves of henna plant. The stylist has to crush the leaves into a powder and then add several drops of water to make a creamy paste. During the treatment, they have to apply the cream on your skin. Henna is very different from the permanent tattoos and it will disappear within one month. You will have the chance of selecting a colour. They will apply it and leave to dry for 15-20 minutes.