Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Lashes Last Longer

You are likely to fall in love with your new lashes after application but without helpful tips, you are likely to break up with them fast! The first 24 hours after you get the extensions are vital because the adhesive will be adhering to your natural eyelashes. Here are some of the eyelash extension aftercare tips that will help your new eyelashes last longer:

1 – Do not get your lashes wet within the first 24 hours

When showering/washing your face do not allow the water to reach the eye area. If the eyelash extensions become wet during the first 24 hours, they will cause irritation. The water could also cause the eyelashes to move from their placement. Remember to wash your face before going for the application of eyelash extensions.

2 – Avoid oils, creams, and foundations around your eyes and lashes

All women love their eyeliner or makeup but you should avoid the oil-based makeup, eye creams, and removers. If the need to clean the area around your eyes arises, use a fluffy cotton swab to clean the skin around the extensions whilst avoiding the lash line.

3 – Avoid sleeping with your eyes directly into a pillow

It is advisable that you avoid sleeping with your face in the pillow. Even though your eyelash extensions should be long lasting, the pillow friction will cause gaps and uneven folds.

4 – Avoid using eyeliner or mascara

One of the major benefits of eyelash extensions is that they will not need mascara. If you have to wear mascara, apply only tiny bits of water-based mascara.

5 – Clean your lashes regularly with baby shampoo

Use oil-free gel or foaming cleanser to massage the base of the eyelash extensions and along your eyelids lightly. After that, splash the eyelashes with water and pat dry them carefully. That is an important part of eyelash extension aftercare and you should not skip it.

6 – Avoid touching, fiddling or rubbing your eyes

Eyelash extensions are usually extremely lightweight, but some individuals will take a longer time to get used to them. That might give them the desire of picking, fiddling or rubbing the eyelash extensions. If that occurs, try to do something else. You should not worry about the sensation because it will pass naturally.

7 – Do not perm or tint your lashes

You might want to tint or perm your new eyelashes to achieve a set of fuller lashes. However, this is not advisable. The lashes will look great in their original form.

8 – Do not use eyelash curlers

You might be tempted to grab eyelash curlers and head to your mirror, but that is an easier way of damaging the eyelash extensions and the natural lashes. In fact, lash curlers are only suitable for individuals without semi-permanent lashes because the tool can crack or deform the lashes.

9 – Avoid heat treatments like saunas and sunbeds

Keep away from steam rooms and saunas at the gym because they will make your eyelashes wet. Stay out of the swimming pool and shower after 24 hours because the pressure and warm water will affect the drying process.

10 – Ensure that the lashes are always removed by a professional

This is important if you do not want to damage your natural eyelashes. You should also book an infill after every 2-4 weeks to maintain the optimal eyelash effect.

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