Environ Facials in London

Learn more about the Environ facial treatment

Your skin is precious. To combat imperfections and signs of ageing it is important to ensure that you are caring for and looking after the skin in the right way. A Environ facial treatment will relax and unwind your skin in addition to boosting its overall health and wellbeing.

What is an Environ facial?

The Environ Facial is a great way of complementing your homecare skincare routine and gaining better results. With an Environ Facial, you can treat a variety of skin conditions like premature ageing, acne, pigmentation, sun damage, diffused redness, and scarring. The product will also promote skin health and slow the development of future problems. 

Dr. Fernandes, a South African cosmetic surgeon and the developer of the Environ range, uses Vitamin A as the cornerstone of the Environ treatment. Vitamin A has corrective and soothing effects on the skin. It will also protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet radiations and soften it. 

What is Environ Skin Care?

Environ Skin Care is a globally recognised brand built on three principles – beauty, science, and care. Dr. Fernandes is the man behind the brand and believes that the skin has life and Vitamin A is its oxygen. For that reason, Environ Skin Care employs skin care science to develop the best products to help with most skin issues. Environ Skin Care products are not available online. You can get them only from the properly trained Environ Skin Care Professionals like JUJU’s Beauty salon in Camden.

How are Environ Facials Applied?

Each facial is unique but will include micro-exfoliation, cleanse and steam to allow the Vitamin A sonophoresis or deep penetration to the skin layers through acupressure, lymphatic drainage massage and acupressure, specific masks and shoulder/neck massage. Environ Facials are effective for most skin issues. They will treat anything from tired, dehydrated and scarring skin and are great for pigmentation, spots and diminishing fine lines. 

During the first consultation, you will get the Ionzyme Facial. We provide various levels of treatment based on the level you have achieved at home. We will customise the Environ facial to match your needs using home rollers or stamps and various topically applied serums. Our trained beauty therapists will advise you on the best available options before starting the treatment. 

Environ facials are designed to micro-exfoliate, purify and rehydrate your skin. The treatment will effectively treat scarring, acne and any deep skin congestions. The beautician will use a combination of techniques and products to refresh and revive the skin and leave it feeling new.

Getting Your Environ Facial at JUJU’s Beauty

Due to the active nature of the ingredients within the environ range a consultation is required to establish the correct product for your skin. Call us and enquire about your facial today!