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Discover the latest beauty trends in UK

It has been an unprecedented year for the UK beauty industry, with the COVID-19 government guidelines leading to the closure of beauty salons across the country. As we all adapted to the ‘new normal’ our beauty rituals also changed, with large shifts to home treatments. So what were the key 2020 beauty trends and what does this mean for the way we approach beauty in 2021?

At JUJU’s we partnered up with IntentRadar, a customer intent analytics company, to create the JUJU’s Beauty Trends Report. By analysing Google search data, which is an extremely accurate indicator of human intent, the report deepens our understanding of how our search patterns and behaviours changed throughout the year.

Latest UK Beauty Trends

JUJUs Beauty Trends Report Overview

At a high-level, Nail Treatments remained the most sought-after service in 2020, with over 2.7 million average monthly searches. Whilst COVID-19 impacted Nail, Salon and Facials demand, eyebrows grew 19% from 2019, pushed by tinting and lamination.

Beauty Services Interest Timeline

The UK COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020 and the subsequent government shutdown of beauty salons significantly affected beauty industry demand, halting its fast upward trend. The July relaxation of restrictions that allowed beauty salons to reopen drove a surge in beauty treatment searches.

These are analysed in detail below:

Nail Treatment Trends

Nail Polish UK Trends 2017-2020

With the lockdown coming into effect in late March 2020 and beauty salons closing across the country due to government restrictions, the demand for nail extensions and nail overlays fell sharply. Notably this led to a counter peak in demand for nail polish, which hit a new record in April, as many sought to revert to doing their nails at home.

Nail Treatment Trends

Whilst the majority still make general nail searches, Acrylics remained the most popular UK nail type in 2020, leading Gel, Shellac and SNS in total search demand with 490,000 average monthly searches. Whilst demand remained stable for most nail types, Shellac and SNS demand plummeted by 34% and 47% respectively, as they are treatments are more commonly done within salons.

Nail Treatment Seasonality Trends UK

Whilst the nail treatment category demand was directly impacted by COVID-19 and government lockdown measures in April, once the salons were permitted to reopen in July demand peaked, driven by both general nail and specific nail type searches.

Overall, the nail treatment category is seasonal, with consumer demand peaking in July (summer holidays) and December (Christmas holidays). Notably, Shellac and SNS nail demand is on a downward trend in UK, falling substantially from its peak in 2019. Despite the drop in the overall nail treatment category in April, UV gel nails demand actually increased in April 2020.

Pedicure Treatment Seasonality

Pedicure demand is highly seasonal, peaking in the summer months in line with average temperatures. Notably, 2020 was the outlier, with pedicure demand remaining low despite the warm temperatures until July, when salons were finally able to reopen.

Nail Design Trends UK

Coffin nails were the most popular nail shape in 2020 with 54,000 average monthly searches per month. Square nails proved to be more popular, whilst Stiletto and Squoval nails showed a decrease in interest since 2019.

Nail Designs Trends Over Time UK

COVID-19 had a pronounced impact on nail shape search demand, as many typically try out new styles with the assistance of nail technicians. Once the salons were permitted to reopen, the demand for nail shapes quickly bounced back to 2019 levels.

Nail Colour Trends UK

Nail colour demand is highly seasonal, revolving around key holiday periods. Glitter, Gold and Red nail demand peaks in December, allowing for festive Christmas designs. Black nails typically peak in October for Halloween-themed nail designs. Meanwhile the lighter Pink and Yellow nail colours peak during the summertime in July.

Eyelash Treatment Trends

Eyelashes Trends UK

Eyelash treatment interest remained flat from 2019, with general eyelash demand increases being offset by Lash Extension and Lash Lift treatments which were down in 2020 as they are typically performed in salons by lash technicians.

Eyelashes Trend Timeline UK

Eyelash treatments that are performed at beauty salons saw a larger negative demand impact, with LVL Lash Lift being pronouncedly harder hit than Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts.

Eyebrow Treatment Trends

Eyebrow Treatment Trends UK

Eyebrow treatments demand grew across treatment categories in 2020, up 19% from 2019. Whilst this was pushed predominantly by general eyebrow treatment demand, both Tinting and Lamination treatments grew substantially, up by 55% and 147% respectively.

Eyebrow Treatment Trend Seasonality UK

Whilst the general eyebrow treatment demand wasn’t impacted by COVID-19, treatments typically done at beauty salons like Lamination, Henna and HD Brows saw a noticeable decrease in interest. This was in part offset by Eyebrow Tinting, which saw a rapid spike in interest during the months of the first lockdown as many sought to tint their brows at home. The emergence and rapid growth in the popularity of Henna brows in 2018 and Eyebrow Lamination in 2019 has greatly contributed to the overall eyebrow treatment category growth.

Waxing and Threading Trends

Waxing Threading Trends UK

Waxing demand remained largely flat from 2019, with demand increases for Hair Removal and specific waxes offsetting the general search decline.

Waxing Threading Seasonality Trends UK

Threading demand was most noticeably impacted by COVID-19, as beauty salons had closed due to government guidelines. Meanwhile many researched and sought treatments at home, with Hair Removal and waxes rising in interest during the lockdown.

Facial Treatment Trends

Facial Treatment Trends UK

Hydrofacial was the most independently sought-after type of facial treatment in 2020. Meanwhile, Murad and Resurface facials resisted the overall decline in interest, growing 49% and 25% respectively from 2019.

Facial Treatment Seasonality Trends

Whilst COVID-19 had severely impacted the overall facial demand, interest in Murad facials actually increased during the time that most beauty salons were closed. Similarly, the Resurface facial wasn’t impacted by COVID-19, continuing on its growth trend from 2019.

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