5 Standout 2023 Nail Trends To Watch

By November 1, 2022 No Comments

With 2023 looming closer and closer, the nail industry is gearing up for another year of exquisite manicures. 2022 was a fabulous year for both classic and alternative nail art and styles, so what does 2023 have in store? Below, you’ll find 5 of the industry’s top predictions for the new year, and they’re even more diverse than the trends that dominated this year.

Sensorial Nails

Nail textures are nothing new, with stickers, jewels and glitters having dominated manicures for years, but sensorial nails take textures to the next level. 3D adornments will be stepping up dramatically in 2023, with fingernails adorned for all sorts of occasions in a variety of different colours. Whether it’s one signature standout nail or an entire sensory manicure, the next year will see textures taking over.

Melted Metallics

Metallic shades of silver, gold and bronze have always had people raving, but melted metallics are a 2023 nail trend forecast to be huge. The metallic polishes are elted’ because they give a molten effect, typically used as an accent rather than across the entire nail, although this is also achievable. A small splash of molten silver, for instance, stands out at the end of a nail and gives the manicure a simple yet unique finish.

Shape-Shifting Nails

Shape-shifting nails are another unique 2023 nail trend predicted to take the industry by storm. They look as cool as their name, with geometric patterns typically overlapping each other to create a fun design that will always have people glancing twice to admire it. This nail art will be perfect for those who enjoy plenty of colour, adventurous patterns and a ore is more’ design.

Bold Tones

This is another of the 2023 nail trends that focuses more on accents over full polish. Bold tones are predicted to make their way into many a manicure, particularly those with demurer polishes, such as beige, white and brown. These bold tones of bright colours will accent the nails, giving them a sharp edge that takes a basic manicure to the next level, finished off with a clear top coat for some extra shine.

Aura Nails

This final trend is also forecast to be one of the most in-demand manicures of 2023, inspired by the still-popular mood rings that have been around for years. The aura nails design uses a gradient to create an ombre look, achieved by expert use of an airbrush gun. In the light, the aura nails will shine in different places, allowing the gradient to work its magic in a subtle yet effective way.


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