Why Go Abroad? Get That Pre-Summer Tan in London!

By February 14, 2018 No Comments

It’s spring now and with summer just around the corner, plenty of people are taking this opportunity to visit their local tanning salon to look their best for the coming months.

We all love the look of a tan, the problem arises when you feel that there is nowhere nearby capable of providing a high-quality tanning service at a low price. Come on! All we want is tanned legs for summer!

At JUJU’s beauty salon London, our tanning treatments are a reasonable price and we offer both spray tan and sunbed treatments. If you’re looking for that radiant glow, without the cost of travelling abroad, make sure to visit JUJU’s today.

For those who are worried about the health implications of sunbeds, we’d recommend the spray tan option; offering great results and with none of the negative consequences sunbeds may have.

Our state of the art UV tanning booth and spray tanning solutions have both been carefully selected to ensure that our expert beauty therapists have the best equipment for their job, ensuring that you’ll see fantastic results each and every time you come. Described by some of our customers as the best and most personal tanning London has to offer, we’re certain that you’ll get along with the ladies at our salon and have a fantastic time as they guide you through the tanning process.

If this is your first time tanning, we’d recommend booking in for an appointment for a consultation so that we can discuss your skin type, provide you with some advice and sign you up before enjoying your first tanning treatment. It’s important that we carefully plan your tanning schedule so that we’re able to work around your schedule and give you the perfect treatment.

If you’re looking for a way to speed up the process so that you have a lovely tan before summer, we can recommend a range of skincare and tan accelerators that you can use. So long as you continue to exfoliate and moisturise, you’ll have no problem keeping that radiant glow in-check.