Coffin Nails 101: Behind the 2021 Trend

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There are so many nail trends that are making a splash in 2021 that it’s hard to decide which one to go for. With salons offering so many different styles, you have plenty of opportunities to try something new. And with celebrities like Kylie Jenner giving them the stamp of approval, why not try out coffin nails the next time you go for a manicure?

What are Coffin Nails?

Coffin nails are a type of acrylic that you can have put on by a nail technician. They are a very elegant and understated acrylic type that have the same shape as the stiletto nail up until the tip. Where the stiletto nail is sharply pointed, the coffin nail is square. The name is inspired by this shape because the square end gives the acrylics the shape of a coffin.

They can be painted in any colour that the salon provides. White coffin nails are a popular choice because they are so effortlessly stylish and go with anything, but you can also have them brightly coloured and with glitter. And coffin nails do not have to be acrylics either, though those are very popular. You can achieve this shape with your natural nails, so long as they have a decent enough length.

What is the Difference Between Ballerina and Coffin Nails?

Though many places tend to lump them in together, there is a slight difference between ballerina nails and coffin nails that you can use to distinguish the type you want. They both follow the shape of a stiletto nail towards the tips, but the ballerina nail appears wider because of its rounded edges. It is rounded this way to give it the shape of a ballerina’s slipper, and it appears as a raindrop shape with a square tip.

Coffin nails, as previously stated, also have this square tip, but they lack the rounded edges of ballerina nails, which makes them the perfect combination of the ballerina, stiletto and square nail shapes. When asking for coffin nails, the technician will be able to differentiate between those and ballerina nails, but knowing exactly how your coffin nails should look is the easiest way to ensure that you get the correct treatment.

Why Have Coffin Nails Become So Popular in 2021?

Coffin nails have been growing in popularity over the years, especially since they have been showcased regularly by popular celebrities that include Kylie Jenner, Zendaya and Rihanna. They are also a great choice for those who want some fabulous nail art. The square tip and perfectly shaped edges of coffin nails allow technicians to work their magic and add colours, patterns and designs to the acrylics.

Plenty of nail artists have also backed coffin nails as one of the best beauty trends of 2020 and 2021. More and more people are requesting the shape as well, likely because the square tip does not have the drawbacks of the pointy stiletto tip that can make it difficult to do different everyday things. You can also keep coffin nails nicely shaped as your nails start to grow out again.

How Are Coffin Nails Applied?

Coffin nails are applied the same as any other acrylics. Your technician will glue on the acrylics, ask you your preferred length and then cut them down. Then, they can be shaped. They will be filed into a similar shape as the stiletto nail but with a square tip. Once both you and the technician are satisfied with the acrylic shape, they will move onto colour.

Naturally, you’ll have chosen your colour(s) ahead of the application, so the technician can start applying them to your nails. Of course, if you have chosen to have some nail art done, the process will take longer, but it will be more than worth the wait.

However, if you choose not to have acrylics then the technician will shape your nails as they are into the coffin shape, using a nail file and possibly their nail clippers too. If you are not going to have the acrylics applied then you need to make sure your nails have grown out enough that the technician has something to work with. After the shaping, the application of colour/nail art will still be the same.

How Long Do Coffin Nails Last?

If you choose acrylic coffin nails, they will last about the same amount of time as other acrylics: six to eight weeks. You should do everything that you can to preserve them, such as keeping the skin around them healthy and keeping them clean and shapely, but after this period they will need to be removed or replaced because your natural nails will have grown out.

If your coffin nails are not acrylics then you’ll need to do more work to get them to last. As your nails grow, the square tip might start to lose its shape because of the width of the new nail coming up, so you should keep on top of filing that. You should also keep the skin around your nails clean and healthy to avoid anything ruining the look of the nails.

For the best advice, ask your technician during your appointment because they will know all the best tips and tricks of the trade. Follow exactly what they tell you about how to care for your nails and you’ll see your coffin nails lasting for weeks and weeks. And if you do like the shape, you can easily return to the salon and request the same again.

So, you should embrace this nail trend in 2021. Almond nails, oval nails, square nails and stiletto nails have all had their turns as the trending nail shape of the year, so now it is time to branch out and consider a lesser talked about the shape: coffin. And with everything you’ve learned about them, the morbid-sounding name should not put you off because this shape truly is one of the most elegant and easy to maintain that you can request.