What is Brow Lamination? And is it Worth it?

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Your eyebrows are a focal point and can make or break the desired look you’re trying to achieve. Unruly eyebrows not only look bad, but they detract from your shimmering makeup and gorgeous eyes. If you have yet to find the solution to tame those eyebrows, brow lamination is it. What is eyebrow lamination and how does this process work? Let’s find out how you can produce that spectacular, full, rich, perfectly curved texture with lamination of eyebrows! 

What is Brow Lamination?

Lamination is a method to tame unruly eyebrows that first originated in Russia. It focuses on using a keratin (LVL) treatment, but instead of applying keratin to the hair, it’s applied to the eyebrows. The lamination process helps change the direction of your eyebrows. It tames unruly hairs that spin out of control or direction and manicures them so that all hairs are smooth, even, and fluffy in appearance. Your eyebrows not only appear fluffy and bushy, but they will also continually look like you’ve just manicured and brushed them, each morning when you wake up. No need to apply thick makeup or draw the perfect lines in place any longer.

What’s the Eyebrow Lamination Process Like?

When you visit our salon for lamination of eyebrows two solutions are applied; these solutions will:

  • Soften the brow so it’s treated for lamination, 
  • and restructure the hairs so they fall into place

The process begins by trimming or plucking a few hairs if necessary. For some women, our team might initially have to manicure or trim down extremely outlandish brows. Once they’re prepped, we’ll apply the keratin (lifting cream) solution. We’ll brush a thick coat of the solution on all hairs and allow it to settle for 20 to 30 minutes. Once this settles into the desired position a wax (neutralizer) is applied and the brows are tinted. The neutralizer helps reform the new brow shape. This bonds the brows into the position they will remain in once we finish the treatment. 

A session should last anywhere between 30 minutes to 1-hour. However, for some women, the first few sessions might require additional time. 

How Long will the Brow Lamination Last?

The answer varies for each woman. For most, the brow lamination treatment lasts about 6 weeks, upward to 8 weeks for those who already had finer eyebrows that were tamed, before the application of the lamination. On the shorter end, some women might have to have the process completed every 4 to 6 weeks, but the average is around 6 weeks. For many women, if you continue the eyebrow lamination process and complete several treatments, your hair will naturally fall into place. And, over time, you might find each treatment will last a bit longer as the brows become easier to manage. 

Ready to reshape and finally tame down your unruly eyebrows? Visit JUJU’s today! Our team is here to deliver that poignant eyebrow shape that’s going to last for months, that you’ll marvel at each time you look in the mirror.

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