Introducing the Luxura V6 Sunbed

By January 14, 2022 No Comments

At JUJU’s we offer high-quality tanning services and are now delighted to be providing more variety with The Luxura V6, a technically advanced sunbed that allows you to personalise your tanning experience to suit your needs.

With a futuristic and stylish exterior design, The Luxura V6 vertical sunbed allows you to customise the internal temperature with a three-step adjustable body cooler and even offers an optional Qsens all-body water-based spray for quick cooling. Whats more, whilst you enjoy your tan, you can unwind with custom music and tweak the ambient flowlight settings to alter the mood.

Upgrade your tanning routine today with a Luxura V6 tan from JUJU’s!

Jujus - Tanning Bed Camden Luxura V6-min