Latest Christmas Nail Design Ideas

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With the festive season fast approaching, you’ll be preparing to add some sparkle and joy to every part of your life. Why not opt for some fantastically festive nail art to match? Christmas manicures are certainly not new, but they haven’t always been as popular as other types of manicures. Below are some of the best colours and designs for Christmas nails.

The Trending Christmas Colours

Red and Green

The traditional colours that we associate with Christmas are red and green, so a manicure with these colours will look very festive, no matter how simple the design is. These colours look great together, whether you combine them on the same nail or have each nail painted differently. You can choose the shades of red and green that suit you best.


Whether its gold edges or a completely gold manicure, this is just the colour that you need to inject a bit of wow into your Christmas nails. The colour is eye-catching without being overwhelming and will compliment casual and formal outfits alike. With gold nails, you’ll be the belle of the Christmas party.


You can certainly make it a white Christmas with a white manicure! Your nails will look simple yet elegant, and a white base coat offers plenty of opportunities for beautiful nail art. You can dress up a white manicure with all sorts of sparkle and shine, such as jewellery, so it is one of the most flexible choices.


Christmas is the time for all things sparkly, so your manicure should be no different. Glitter nail polishes come in all different colours, so you can choose the shades you’d prefer and have a shining manicure that will catch the attention of everyone you pass.

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The Trending Christmas Nail Designs


Candy Cane Nails

This nail design is cute and combines core Christmas colours: red, green and white. You could also add some pink if you wanted to make the design look even sweeter. Striped nails may not be the first thing you think of when you picture Christmas nails, but they really do look good on everyone.

Snow Nails

Snow is one of the best things about Christmas, and with snow-themed nails, you can choose several different designs. A talented manicurist will be able to paint delicate snowflakes on your fingernails, or intricate snowmen. You could choose to have a different depiction of snow on each nail: a snowman on one, a pile of snowballs on another, falling snow on a third. There’s plenty of choice.

Present Nails

If you’d like to try a selection of different colours and have each individual nail look unique, go for present nails. You can have special little details, like bows with different sizes and shapes, on each nail and really embrace the gift-giving of the season.

Santa and Reindeer Nails

This Christmas nail design is another that you could choose to make your manicure unique. Choosing Santa and four of his reindeer as your design will make your manicure look super fun. Combining different designs inspired by Christmas will definitely get you into the spirit.

Christmas Tree Nails

This design is probably the most obvious choice for Christmas nails, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still magical! With a tricky design and lots of little details, like lights and decorations, Christmas tree nails take a lot of work and talent to create. You’ll want to show off your manicure to everyone you know.


For a flawless Christmas manicure book an appointment at JUJU’s where talented nail technicians will be able to turn your Christmas nail ideas into a reality, just in time for you to celebrate the festive season in style. Consumer demand for nail treatments usually peaks in December, so book your appointment sooner rather than later to ensure that you get a fabulous manicure that will last through the Christmas holidays and into the new year!