Nail Colour Trends: Spring/Summer 2022

By May 6, 2022 No Comments

The spring/summer period is definitely the time to start embrace bright, beautiful nail colours, but with so many to choose from, you might find it a struggle to decide on the spot. Luckily, settling on a colour before you go to your appointment will take away this stress and also give you time to explore the trending nail colours for spring and summer 2022.

We’ve gathered together five of the current most popular nail colours to give you some insight into what’s trending and hot and help you choose the perfect manicure for you.

Green Nails

Green has always been a solid colour to choose for a manicure no matter the season, but it is currently one of the most popular colours trending for spring and summer 2022. With the weather heating up, you’ll want a manicure that is appropriately bright and exciting, so why not go for 2022’s trending quetzal green? It is a tropical option that gives your nails a rich look without appearing too dark. Lime green is also a popular summery shade because it is a lighter green option that makes your nails light up, instead of washing them out as some light green shades can.

Periwinkle Nails

Shades of pale blue and lavender have always been among the go-to colours for a pretty but bright manicure, so periwinkle is a natural successor to them both. It is one of the trending colours for 2022 because it embodies the serene elegance of spring and the bold brightness of summer. Periwinkle looks gorgeous with any skin tone and can either complement a colourful outfit or inject some vibrancy into a more neutral look. Whatever you pair it with, a glossy periwinkle manicure will transform your nails and set you up for a stylish day.

Metallic Nails

We all remember the metallic nail trends of the past, but these shiny, eye-catching manicures are making a big comeback in spring and summer 2022! You might not associate the shimmer of metallic rose gold or the flashiness of metallic silver with the more mellow colours that we most often associate with spring and summer, but a metallic manicure will allow you to keep up with current trends and make any everyday outfit look stylish. You can choose between gold, silver and rose gold as those are the three most popular metallic shades loved by celebrities and on social media too. Even better, you’ll be able to match your jewellery perfectly to your nails!

Nude Nails

Choosing a nail colour that closely matches your skin tone has always been a popular choice for a subtle yet classy manicure, but it is making a big comeback for spring/summer 2022. You’ll be able to match a nude manicure to any outfit and look effortlessly chic all the way to autumn. Even better, a soft, precise nail shade like nude can make your fingers look longer and slimmer, making it the perfect base for accessorising with lots of sparkly jewellery!

Light Pink Nails

Light pink might not be the brightest shade of pink, but it is the perfect colour to choose for a manicure in 2022 as we transition from spring into summer. Like nude, it is a softer colour, but it is more noticeable and has its own sense of vibrancy. Specific shades of light pink include acific rose’, which is a dusky pink, and lush pink’, which is a more neutral pink. Whichever shade you choose, a light pink manicure will allow you embrace the calm and relaxation that often comes with spring and summer and keep up with the trending pink nail colours of 2022.